27 Task Force Brigade Ambush 2 ISWAP Terrorist in Yobe, Safely Detonates IED

In Yobe State, the troops of the 27 Task Force Brigade continued their advances and cleared the area of Gol. They discovered and safely detonated one IED. The terrorists fled the scene, abandoning 67 bags of assorted grains in an underground storage, along with ammunition.

Additionally, the troops ambushed and neutralized two ISWAP terrorists at Katarko along the road to Yobe State University and recovered two AK-47 rifles.

As the offensive persisted, troops of the 29 Task Force Brigade cleared Galengi and Dusuri. About 2 km ahead of Tobolo, contact was made with enemy combatants. The troops engaged the terrorists in a gunfight, killing two and recovering their weapons.

The troops also cleared Arimarim and Koborori villages. Before reaching Galengi, they encountered and neutralized one terrorist, recovering a dane gun. A terrorist camp was set ablaze during the operation.

Despite facing challenges such as difficult terrain, IED threats, and other issues, the troops have maintained their momentum, focusing on and remaining determined to pursue and decimate the fleeing terrorists wherever they are found in the Sambisa Forest.

According to the source, ISWAP commanders, including Abu Aisha (Khaid) and four assistant commanders (Munzir) — Bako, Mallam Abubakar, Abu Ibrahim, Hanzala (also a Khaid) — are currently on the run. Nevertheless, the troops are resolute in their determination to hunt them down.

Zagazola Makama