Adamawa Govt Launches Clean-up Campaign to Curb Reckless Waste Dumping

The Adamawa State Government has issued a strong warning against the reckless dumping of waste along the bustling highways and streets of Yola, the thriving capital city.

The indiscriminate disposal of refuse and the unsightly display of posters have marred the aesthetic appeal of Adamawa’s capital, known proudly as “The Land of Beauty.” This pressing issue has raised alarms, especially given that the major roads serve as vital links to neighboring states.

The Yola-Mubi Expressway and communities in Jimeta are grappling with hazardous heaps of refuse, posing risks to public health and fostering potential natural disasters such as flooding and disease outbreaks.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, routine sanitation efforts have become imperative to purify the environment and foster a healthier way of life.

A coalition of high-ranking government officials, collaborative efforts with development partners like Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes, ACReSAL, and the Ministry of Environment joined forces, mobilizing in significant numbers to partake in the comprehensive cleanup initiative.

Prof. Farauta, visibly disheartened by the extent of the litter, urged the relevant authorities to apprehend and prosecute culprits, emphasizing the critical importance of a pristine and healthful environment.

Commissioner of Environment, Mohammed Sadiq Wali, assured proactive measures, disclosing the mobilization of a dedicated team to level waste dumps. He affirmed that the ministry boasts of ample manpower to effectively execute the mission of upholding Yola’s cleanliness.

Sahel Reporters