ADHA Passes Resolutions To Rescue Jada Sch Of The Blind, Deaf

Adamawa State House of Assembly has passed 4 Points resolutions aimed at rescuing the special school of the blind, deaf as well as dump located in Jada Local Government Area. News Platform reports.

Part of the resolutions is directing the Ministry of Education as well as the Post Primary Schools Management Board to ensure that only qualified and specially trained teachers are employed or deployed to the school.

The hallowed chamber equally urged government to stop the redeployment of qualified teachers to other normal schools considering the fact that the special school is faced with shortage of qualified teachers.

The legislators further prayed the government to provide adequate and relevant learning and instructional materials specially designed to assist the comprehension of the blind, deaf and dump.

Furthermore, the assembly mandated the House Standing Committee on Education to properly incorporate the needs of the special school in the current bill before it, ie a bill for a law to provide for teachers recruitment, deployment and retention scheme in the state.

The resolutions followed a matter of urgent public importance on the need to employ special and qualified teathers for Jada Special School by the Deputy Speaker and Member representing Jada Mbulo constituency, Hon. Muhammed Buba Jijiwa.

The Deputy Speaker moved for the suspension order 40 sub-rule 1 and 2 of the Rules of this House and presented his matter of public concern.

Hon. Jijiwa, told his colleagues that school was established primarily to train People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) such as the blind, deaf, dump in the society to enable them become self reliant and contribute meaningfully to the development of the society.

The lawmaker stated that the school is currently battling with some challenges such as lack enough teachers, recruitment and deployment.

He said that there is the need for the recruitment and or deployment of highly trained teachers to the school especially those trained to teach the special students and provision of adequate learning and instructional materials.

He told his colleagues that the school is suffering from inadequate trained teachers to teach the People Living with Disabilities in the school simply because the qualified ones were taken to other schools either on redeployment or lobbying to teach in other schools where there are no students with disabilities.

According to him, the transfer to and from the school is being abused in such a manner that qualified ones were taken out from the school to the normal schools ones where there are no special students.

“If something serious is not done to curtail the unfortunate situation in Jada special school, it will soon be rendered unable to discharge its mandate of its establiment. Right now, the school is left with little or no qualified teacher to teach the blind, deaf and the dump.

“Finally, in the light of the foregoing, Mr. Speaker, and in order to bring sanity in the employment, redeployment and recruitment procedure in Jada Special School, I move that this Hon. House to do consider my motion and pass”.

Some of the lawmakers who welcomed the motion, commended the lawmaker for bringing up the matter, and threw their weight behind it.

Thereafter, the Speaker of the assembly, Rt. Hon. Bathiya Wesley, directed the clerk to the assembly, to communicate the resolutions to the relevant authorities.