Agbu Kefas Attends TEKAN General Assembly and Armed Forces Celebration in Jalingo

Taraba Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas on Sunday participated in the 68th TEKAN General Assembly at the United Methodist Church McBride, Jalingo.

Welcomed by Resident Bishop Johnwesley Johanna, Former Governor His Excellency Jolly Nyame, and other Bishops, including Arc Bishop Dr. Musa Panti Filibus, Governor Kefas addressed the congregation.

Rev. Joel Billi, President of the TEKAN Groups of Churches, extended a warm welcome and appealed to Governor Kefas to assist in resolving the crisis within the UMCN church. The Governor expressed confidence in resolving the issues, commending the churchgoers for their peaceful approach.

Later in the day, Governor Kefas attended the 2024 Armed Forces Celebration and Remembrance Day/Thanksgiving service of Major General F. S. Etim at Anglican Diocese Jalingo. Received by Bishop Foreman and Major General F. S. Etim, the event emphasized honoring fallen heroes.

General Etim urged the congregation to support the families of fallen heroes, while Bishop Foreman highlighted the sacrifices made by the military.

Governor Kefas praised Major General Etim for his dedication, thanking him for his service in Taraba, emphasizing their acquaintance since their military school days.

Governor Kefas restate his commitment to both religious and military communities, fostering unity and acknowledging the contributions of individuals in these vital sectors.