Bandits From Cameroon Overrunning Our Communities – Taraba Lawmaker

Rikupki Ureyang, the minority whip and representative of Ussa state constituency, has raised a red flag concerning the invasion of several communities in his constituency by bandits from the Republic of Cameroon.

Identifying Fikyu, Kpambo, and Kpambo-Puri as the most severely affected. Ureyang expressed concern over the existence of bandit camps and attacks on vulnerable communities.

“Ussa is becoming a graveyard for children,” the lawmaker exclaimed, shedding light on the heart-wrenching reality of the region.

Further emphasizing on the situation, the lawmaker disclosed a staggering death toll, stating, “Over 500 persons have been killed in Ussa by bandits and terrorists in the last few years.” These assailants reportedly infiltrate from across the Cameroon border, relentlessly perpetrating attacks on vulnerable communities, leaving behind a trail of tragedy and loss.