Bauchi Govt Warns Against Unjustified Price Hike, Food Hoarding

The Bauchi Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission on Sunday issues a stern warning to food and essential commodities dealers in the state, cautioning against hoarding and unjustified price hikes.

The Agency’s Chairman, DIG Sani Usman Muhammad, rtd, emphasized during a meeting with key foodstuff dealers the detrimental impact such actions could have on the populace, exacerbating existing hardships.

DIG Sani Usman Muhammad vowed to crack down on individuals involved in hoarding and price manipulation, outlining strategies to ensure the accessibility and affordability of essential goods.

He called for cooperation from all merchants to address the issue of soaring prices, particularly to alleviate the burden on the less privileged.

In response, Abdullahi Mohammed, the chairman of the Bauchi Traders and Artisans Association, urged members to refrain from hoarding and artificially inflating prices, cautioning that those who violate these directives will face legal consequences.