Beware Of Faceless ‘concerned Citizens’ – Taraba Residents Warn Govt Officials

file photo of Taraba state map
file photo of Taraba state map

Residents of Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State, have cautioned Governor Agbu Kefas and other government officials to be vigilant of faceless groups posing as concerned citizens and circulating various petitions against individuals and institutions in the state.

In interviews with Daily Post, a cross-section of residents expressed concerns over the anonymity of these groups, suggesting that if they have genuine grievances, they should openly identify themselves rather than hiding behind anonymity.

One of the respondents, Anthony Yakubu, remarked: “I’ve come across their posts on social media, and it troubles me that they’re using the guise of concerned citizens to attack innocent individuals and institutions. If they truly want to address societal issues, they should emerge openly as a recognised voice.”

Political analyst Umar Mukhtar described these “concerned citizens” as a faction of malicious individuals pursuing personal vendettas against perceived enemies.

He urged caution, stating: “The governor and other officials should handle information from these faceless groups with care. Many are opportunists seeking to undermine others for personal gain.”

Janet Wadi, who suggested that those exposing corruption might fear retaliation, was countered by Yahaha Tudri, who argued that sincerity should negate the need for anonymity.

Tudri, emphasising the importance of accountability, told DAILY POST: “Their unsubstantiated allegations undermine their credibility. We need courageous individuals to confront wrongdoing openly and transcend tribal, religious, and political divides.”

There has been a proliferation of writings attributed to “Concerned Citizens,” which primarily target heads of institutions and government agencies across the state.