Cease Opposition To Student Loan Programme, NANS Tells ASUU

The National Association of Nigerian Students(NANS) has called on the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) to stop its opposition to the Student Loan Programme.

The NEC of the union had on Thursday said ”Nigerians should be aware that the Loan scheme is a way of starving public universities of funding and a ploy to divert public funds into private universities owned by politically exposed individuals and their friends.”

Reacting to this, the President of the Senate, NANS, Dist. Sen. Akinteye Afeez Babatunde in a signed statement said ASUU were pushing forth another agenda that favours them.

”It is disheartening to witness ASUU, an organization purportedly dedicated to the welfare of students, opposing a program that could provide much-needed relief to countless individuals. This begs the question: does ASUU truly represent the interests of students, or do they have ulterior motives?

”We are dismayed by ASUU’s hypocrisy in this matter. If ASUU members were to benefit from the Student Loan Program, would they still be opposed to it? It is time for ASUU to come clean and clarify any hidden agenda they may have regarding the student loan. Students demand transparency and honesty from ASUU regarding their stance on this crucial issue,” he said.

Babatunde also call of the University Union to refrain from acting as the mouthpiece of the Nigerian students

”Furthermore, ASUU’s attempts to speak on behalf of students regarding the Student Loan Program are unwarranted and unacceptable. Students are perfectly capable of voicing their own opinions and advocating for their interests. ASUU should not presume to speak for students without consulting them directly.” he said.

”Today, students across the nation are calling on ASUU to refrain from interfering in matters concerning the Student Loan Program. Contrary to ASUU’s assertions, students are not only supportive of the program but are actively advocating for its implementation. The Student Loan Program represents hope for many Nigerian students, especially those facing financial hardship. It offers an opportunity for sons and daughters of ‘nobodies’ to access higher education, thereby levelling the playing field and fostering equal opportunities for all.”

”In conclusion, students urge ASUU to cease its opposition to the Student Loan Program and to refrain from speaking on behalf of students without their consent. If ASUU has any genuine concerns or reservations about the program, they should address them openly and transparently. It is time for ASUU to prioritize students’ interests and support initiatives that will benefit the entire student community.”
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