Erosion Control: ACReSAL Dispels Rumours, Says Payment Of Compensation Sole Responsibility Of State Govt

By Yunusa Isa, Gombe

Gombe State Government has cleared the air on the recent public misconception on payment of more than 389 million Naira compensation to persons whose properties were affected by the World Bank assisted FCE to railway line gully erosion control project in Gombe Metropolis.

Rumours are making the round, that the compensation was supposed to be paid by the World Bank, but appeared recently that arrangements were in top gear for the compensation to be paid by the state government.

Speaking to newsmen on the development, the State Project Coordinator Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSaL) project, Comrade Sani Adamu Jauro, said based on the contract agreement signed between the World Bank and the state government, Gombe State Government will shoulder the payment of the compensation under World Bank’s compensation standards.

Sani Jauro said the amount was arrived at, following value assessment of the affected properties carried out by the bank’s consultant, and subsequently forwarded same to the state government for onward payment.

The project coordinator while declaring that the payment will commence from the third week of January, 2024, assured that the payment is solely the state government responsibility, and affected persons will be compensated according to the World Bank standards.

He said “So I’m happy to inform all the citizens of Gombe State, we appreciate the love and concern they have for His Excellency, that they are even thinking that this responsibility he is keeping closer to his chest is not fundamentally his own, but that of the World Bank to pay this compensation. So I want to assure them, this type of responsibility is solely his, as the number one citizen of Gombe State to pay this compensation, and a lot of other compensations are coming. The governor will remain consistent in addressing this kind of responsibility that is solely his, I’m assuring the citizens that this responsibility is fundamentally that of the governor.”

He urged people of the state to disregard any unsubstantiated information, or at least seek further clarification from relevant authorities whenever they come across such rumour.

Comrade Sani Adamu Jauro added that out of the state governor’s magnanimity, elderly persons in the affected areas would equally be paid some stippends apart from the compensation, to encourage them live a smooth life after relocation.

It could be recalled that Gombe State Government under the ACReSaL project had recently signed the over 12 billion Naira erosion control project from the Federal College of Education (Technical) Gombe through various communities of Gombe Metropolis down to Liji hill.