Farmers Demand Security for Dry Season Farming Amidst Rising Insecurity

At the Farmer’s Unity Hall in Jalingo, the 2023/2024 Dry Season Farming input sales turned into a platform for distressed farmers as they voiced their concerns about the escalating insecurity gripping Taraba State.

The chairperson of the association, Hajiya Laraba Amina Abdul, passionately appealed for urgent action amidst the alarming situation plaguing agricultural activities across the state.

Hajiya Laraba Amina Abdul, while presiding over the sales of fertilizers and other essential farm inputs, highlighted the grim reality faced by farmers in numerous regions. She emphasized that insecurity situation in Taraba State has made agricultural activities unsafe in many parts of the state.

With the dry season fast approaching, farmers in Taraba State stand at a critical juncture, hoping for swift interventions that would enable them to resume their farming activities without the looming shadow of insecurity.