Fintiri Inaugurates Board Chairman, Members Of Muslim Pilgrims Commission

In a significant development, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State represented by his Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Awwal D. Tukur officially inaugurated the Board Chairman and members of the State Muslim Pilgrims Commission on Wednesday.

The ceremony, held at Conference hall of Government House, marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Commission, with the Governor charging the newly appointed officials to replicate the success story of the Commission under the leadership of the Executive Secretary, Malam Abubakar Salihu.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by government officials, religious leaders, and other dignitaries. The Governor, in his address, highlighted the importance of the Muslim Pilgrims Commission in facilitating the smooth organization of Hajj pilgrimage activities and ensuring the welfare and safety of the pilgrims.

He emphasized the need for the newly appointed board members to build upon the achievements of their predecessors and work diligently to enhance the Commission’s performance.

The Governor commended the Executive Secretary, Malam Abubakar Salihu, for his exceptional leadership and the remarkable progress achieved so far. He urged the newly inaugurated board members to learn from the success story of the previous board and strive to maintain the same level of dedication, transparency, and efficiency.

During the ceremony, the Governor inaugurated the Board Chairman and members, emphasizing the importance of upholding the principles of accountability, integrity, and professionalism in their roles.

He urged them to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, including religious bodies, government agencies, and the public, to ensure a seamless pilgrimage experience for the state’s pilgrims.

In his acceptance speech, the newly appointed Board Chairman, Imam Bappari Umar Kem expressed gratitude to the Governor for the opportunity to serve in this important capacity.

He acknowledged the achievements of the previous administration and pledged to build upon their successes. The Chairman emphasized the importance of teamwork in achieving the Commission’s goals and objectives.

The newly inaugurated board members also shared their commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities and contributing to the overall development and success of the Muslim Pilgrims Commission.

They expressed their readiness to work diligently, leveraging their expertise and experience, to enhance the Commission’s operations and ensure the well-being of the pilgrims.

The inauguration ceremony concluded with a sense of optimism and renewed dedication to the Commission’s mission. The newly appointed officials were encouraged to hit the ground running and commence their duties promptly, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in the commission’s operations.

As the newly inaugurated Board Chairman and members assume their roles, the State’s Muslim Pilgrims Commission under the leadership of Malam Abubakar Salihu looks forward to continued progress and success.

With the charge to replicate the achievements of the previous board, the Commission is poised to further enhance its performance and provide a seamless pilgrimage experience for the State’s intending pilgrims.

Department of Public Communications and Pilgrims Enlightenment