Fintiri Receives Muslim Council, Promise To Address Economic Hardship

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has reiterated that the state administration will keep addressing the present financial difficulties that people are facing.

This was spoken by Governor Fintiri as he was congratulated on his Supreme Court triumph by State Muslim Council leaders who were present at Government House Yola on Wednesday.

While acknowledging the financial struggles people are currently facing with worry, Governor Fintiri gave the Muslim leaders his word that his administration will keep providing the people with palliative measures.

He emphasised that he would always act justly and fairly towards all members of the state’s population, and he urged religious leaders to uphold the rule of law and continue to preach it.

Malam Gambo Jika, the State Chairman of the Muslim Council, congratulated the Governor on his Supreme Court victory earlier in his speech and urged the populace to back him.

The Chairman encouraged Governor Fintiri to keep up the good work and praised him for bringing in exceptional progress as well as for bolstering peace and security in the state,
to alleviate the current increase in commodity prices and other economic difficulties, he supports the government’s assistance to dry season farmers and the implementation of certain relief measures.

Muhammad B. Tukur
(Sardauna Nyibango)
New Media aide to the Governor