FMC Jalingo Implements Biometric Attendance System For Staff

The management of Federal Medical Center Jalingo, commence staff Biometric Attendance Management System initiated by the Medical Director in other to boost active compliance by the staff.

The commencement of the Biometric Attendance captured, was officially active on 1st February 2024, as at 8:30am which about 74.08% were present ( amounted to 1329 staff) and only 25%.93 falls within the range of 8:30am to 9am (amounted to 465 Staff).

Personnel attendance control systems are developed in order to determine the entry and exit hours of the employees to /from the workplace in other to maintain the status bar of the hospital vision by minimizing time theft. Because patient satisfaction is our top priority.

Through a biometric attendance system, an employer can simply download an employee’s attendance report accurately.

So employee’s total time will be calculated automatically based on the clock-in and clock-out times including those in shift through a biometric record. It’s a seamless system that gives digital access control for evaluation and performances of staff.