Jukun Community In Taraba Decries Water Scarcity

The Jukun community in Taraba State has been grappling with a dire issue—water scarcity. This fundamental necessity, essential for daily life, has become an elusive resource for the residents, prompting widespread concern and outcry.

Investigation indicates a probable connection between the recent cholera outbreak and the shared usage of water sources by both humans and animals within the community.

The absence of adequate portable drinking water has forced both residents and livestock to rely on the same contaminated water sources. Additionally, the prevalent practice of open defecation further exacerbates the precarious hygiene conditions in the area.

Isa Abubakar, a resident in that community lamented the dire situation, highlighting the scarcity of clean water.

“We do not have water in this place. The same stream that we fetch from is the same our animals drink from. A borehole that we used to have spoiled and has been abandoned for many years.

Another resident, Mr. Danladi, echoed similar sentiments, expressing the frustration of relying on contaminated water sources. “The few available water sources are contaminated, leading to health problems among our people. The situation demands urgent attention.”

Distressed members of the community have urgently appealed to the government for immediate intervention.

Residents emphasized the pressing need for portable drinking water and public latrines to address the worsening conditions.

“There is an urgent need for the provision of portable drinking water for the people of the community,” stated a concerned community member.

“The government has to help salvage the situation as they are in a state of serious need.”

The water scarcity affecting the Jukun community in Taraba State remains a pressing concern, impacting daily life and health. Urgent intervention and sustainable strategies are imperative to alleviate the plight of the residents and ensure their access to clean and safe water, a fundamental human right.