Just In: Fire Razes Over 30 Shops In Taraba

Scene of Fire Outbreak

A devastating fire outbreak occurred on Saturday morning, destroying more than 30 provision shops in the roadblock area of Jalingo, the capital city of Taraba State.

It was further gathered that enraged youths reportedly launched an attack on the Fire Fighters Truck that arrived at the scene to quench the fire. Eyewitnesses describe a tense atmosphere as the firefighters faced hostility, hindering their efforts to contain the fire and save affected properties.

This led to the fire service personnel leaving the scene without containing the blaze, exacerbating the situation.

In response to the escalating threat posed to the Okacha and MRS fuel stations and other businesses in the vicinity, the Nigerian police force intervened.

They mobilised and utilised teargas to disperse the agitated youths, creating a safe space for the fire service personnel to return and prevent further escalation of the fire outbreak.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the fire outbreak and the circumstances surrounding the aggression towards the firefighters. Emergency services remain on high alert, working tirelessly to bring the situation under control and prevent further escalation.

Local residents are urged to exercise caution and stay clear of the affected area as emergency teams continue their operations.