Just In: Labour Declares Mass Protest Nationwide

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, says it will embarked on a two-day nationwide protest from Feb. 27 to Feb. 28, over the mounting economic hardship and insecurity in the country.

Joe Ajaero, President of NLC said this at a news conference at the end of its National Executive Council, NEC, meeting on Friday in Abuja.

Mr Ajaero said that the NEC of the Congress met to discuss the state of the nation, and the non implementation of the agreement reached with government.

According to him, NEC unanimously noted its deep disappointment and condemned the action of the federal government in refusing to implement the agreements reached.

“NEC in session follows its decisions that it stands to rectify the 14 days ultimatum issued to the federal government within which to implement the agreement, and address the mounting crisis of the survival of Nigerians.

“That the 14 days ultimatum notices expires on the midnight of Feb 22, that if on the expiration the Congress is not satisfied with government compliance with the conditions of the notice.

“Congress will be at liberty to take action that will compelled government to implement the agreement.

“NEC in session declare a two day nationwide protest on Feb. 27 and 28 to demonstrate outragre on the mounting hardship and insecurity across the nation .

“If our demands are met after the nationwide protest, NEC will ensure to issue a seven day notice that will expire on March 2, to the federal government, after which an indefinite nationwide strike will commence,”he said.

He added that, Nigerians workers and people are not interested in the empty talk but action.

He, therefore called on all its affiliates, state councils and civil societies to start mobilising across the nation for effect action as Feb. 22, as its approaches.

The NLC president said that there was need for urgent solution to address the continued suffering of the Nigerian people and workers.

He said that NEC in session calls for immediate action from Federal Government to rectify this grievances, and restore faith in the Democratic process and social dialogue.