NBA Criticizes Gombe Govt’s Demolition Of Hotels, Businesses

The Gombe State branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, has expressed deep concern over the actions of the Task Force on Gala Houses and Joints, condemning the demolition of several business premises in the state.

The NBA’s criticism follows the demolition of establishments such as Runko, Fina Lodge, and others, which the task force deemed to be involved in immoral activities.

The NBA chairman, Benjamin Sati, denounced the demolitions as “insensitive and careless,” criticizing the lack of due process and warning against the promotion of lawlessness.

Sati stated that demolitions should follow legal procedures and should not lead to the looting of legitimately acquired property.

In a statement titled ‘Demolition spree of February 14, 2024, by the Task Force on Gala Houses and Joints in Gombe: The position of the NBA,’ Sati called on the state government to conduct an inquiry into the task force’s actions and provide adequate compensation to affected business owners.

Meanwhile, the task force chairman, Bitrus Bilal, defended the demolitions, citing the presence of unlawful establishments engaging in illegal and immoral activities.

Bilal warned against further unlawful behavior, stating the task force’s commitment to maintaining law and order.