Npower Initiates Payment for Batch C Beneficiaries

Npower in a significant move on Thursday, has kickstarted payments for Batch C beneficiaries. However, the current disbursement covers just one month out of the pending nine months stipend owed to the beneficiaries.

The program has assured recipients that this initial payment marks the beginning of a series of disbursements scheduled for next year before the launch of the new Npower program. Batch C beneficiaries awaiting payments are urged to remain patient and regularly check their banking applications for updates.

It’s important to note that the ongoing payment is exclusively for Batch C participants falling under the Npower Stream 2 category. Payments for other Batch C members will commence shortly, according to Npower authorities.

This latest development in payment allocation follows the Director of Finance’s successful consolidation of funds for the National Social Investment Programme Agency. This consolidation aims to fulfill the ministry’s commitment to fulfilling the financial obligations towards Batch C beneficiaries.