Power Outage: SEMA Fuels 36 Boreholes In Yobe

The recent power outage stemming from the vandalization of the National Grid Cable pole has plunged parts of Yobe State into a severe shortage of electricity. Among the affected areas is Buni Yadi, an IDP returnee community that used to benefit from over 20 hours of daily electricity supply. Now, the community barely receives an hour of power each day.

With most boreholes relying on electricity for operation, accessing clean drinking water has become a monumental challenge for the residents. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (YOSEMA) swiftly responded to the community’s plight.

Dr. Mohammed Goje, the Executive Secretary of YOSEMA, announced a proactive plan to alleviate the hardship faced by the community. In collaboration with government initiatives, YOSEMA unveiled a strategy to fuel 36 boreholes (13 government-owned and 23 private) in Buni Yadi.

Under this plan, each borehole will be provided with 10 litres of fuel daily, ensuring a minimum of 4 hours of operation. This measure is projected to yield over 4000 litres of water per day across these boreholes, significantly enhancing water availability within the IDP community.

Dr. Goje emphasized that while the initiative aims to bolster water access, private borehole owners might decide whether to adjust consumer costs. Nonetheless, the primary focus remains on increasing water availability for the IDP community during this challenging period.

The YOSEMA executive assured continued efforts within their available resources to sustain this intervention. This strategic move aims to mitigate the water crisis faced by the IDP returnee community until a lasting solution to the power outage is achieved.