STYCOP Commends Organizers of Taraba Day Celebration in Abuja

The Southern Taraba Youths Coalition for Peace (STYCOP) is pleased to extend its heartfelt commendation to the organizers of the 2023 Taraba Day Celebration in the Federal Capital Territory, led by Honorable Daniel Likam , the Chairman of Tarabans Resident in Abuja.

Amb Rikwense Muri, President, Southern Taraba Youths Coalition for Peace (STYCOP), released in a statement.

Read the statement below:

This event serves as a unifying platform that brings together all Tarabans, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political affiliations, under one roof.

It offers a unique opportunity for us to come together and be reminded of our common heritage and the collective responsibility we share in contributing to the development of our home state.

Indeed, the Taraba Day Celebration in the Federal Capital Territory holds significant value in fostering unity, understanding, and solidarity among Tarabans. It allows us to set aside our differences and embrace the rich diversity that characterizes our state, thereby promoting a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Seeing Shiekh Bala Lau, Barr Uba Maigari Ahmadu, Auditor Chira Kanyitor Shaaka, Hajia Zainab Ibrahim, Senator David SU Jimkuta , Hon Mohammed Audu, Justice Galumje, AIG Hosea Karma, Dr Jeji Williams, etc from different political parties, zones, ethinicity and religious background tells the stories of our rich diversity.

This inclusive gathering serves as a reminder that despite our individual backgrounds, we are all inherently connected by our Taraban identity and our commitment to the progress of our state.

Moreover, the Taraba Day Celebration serves as a valuable platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas and best practices among Tarabans residing in the federal capital and beyond. It presents an opportunity for us to leverage our collective knowledge, expertise, and experiences for the benefit of Taraba State, thereby contributing to its overall advancement and prosperity.

As Southern Taraba Youths, we acknowledge the importance of such initiatives in fostering peace, unity, and development within our state. We firmly believe that events like the Taraba Day Celebration provide a vital avenue for promoting dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among all stakeholders, with the aim of building a sustainable and harmonious future for Taraba State.

In conclusion, we express our sincere gratitude to Honorable Daniel Likam and all the organizers of the 2023 Taraba Day Celebration for their dedication and efforts in bringing Tarabans together in the Federal Capital Territory.

We urge all Tarabans in Diaspora to actively participate in such events in their , not only to celebrate our shared heritage but also to actively contribute to the progress and development of Taraba State. Together, through our collective engagements and endeavors, we can build a more prosperous and inclusive future for our beloved state.