Taraba Partners Army Engineers to Revamp Infrastructure

In a bid to enhance road infrastructure and water supply across Taraba State, Governor Dr Agbu Kefas  hosted a joint session of the Taraba Road Construction and Maintenance Agency (TARCMA) and the Nigerian Army Engineers at the Government House Exco Chamber on Monday.

During the meeting, the Nigerian Army Engineers presented proposals for various road and water projects, including the construction of streets in Jalingo and other parts of the state.

The proposed projects cover areas such as TSBS, Angwan Kassa, NNPC, Gen Faransa, Gen Sinjen Roads, and Deeper Life road.

Additionally, the Nigerian Army Engineers proposed the construction of new roads, including Lekitaba-Kakara road in Sardauna LG, Zing-Lama road in Zing LG, Garin Abba-Shagarda road in Gassol LG, and the Tati-Kpashimbe, Bissaula-Gatari-Kufai-Nyido road, spanning over 91km across Taraba State.

The collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of the Nigerian Army Engineers to reach difficult areas and revitalize the state’s infrastructure. The partnership is expected to enhance the quality of life for residents and stimulate economic growth in the region.

The Governor reiterated his administration’s commitment to developing road infrastructure and water supply across Taraba State, ensuring improved accessibility and socio-economic development.