UX/UI Opportunity Opens for Remote Intern Applications At BOAS

Photo Credit: Google

A lucrative remote internship opportunity for tech enthusiasts has opened at BOAS, an online marketplace company.

The BOAS company is looking to hire a UX/UI intern who is willing and capable of working remotely.

Application for the UX/UI internship can be sent online via their official website at: http://join.com/companies/boas

BOAS is a fast vintage fashion platform that saves jeans from being burnt and donates 90% of profits to save lives.

Information on the website of BOAS says applications for the job can be submitted online.

Ibikun Amosu, who is also a tech expert, says tech jobs offer highly competitive salaries for those who have the skills.

Ibikun Amosu on his X Handle shared that it is a lucrative tech internship opportunity that pays £200 (N218,000) monthly to selected candidates.

According to Amosu, the job is for a UX/UI intern who is willing and capable to work remotely with BOAS.

“Tech jobs can indeed offer competitive salaries, often reflecting the demand for skilled professionals in fields like software development, data science, and cybersecurity. Of course, people will always hype on social media to score a point or for engagement, and people like me in the industry know a lie when we see one. This has put pressure on newbies, thinking a tech job is a quick-to-get-rich career. No, you have to put in the work, and then over time, it will pay off. He said.

“But, careers in companies that operate around FinTech, AI, and Web3/crypto tend to pay well, so you see most techies rushing jobs in these spaces. To make it more interesting, remote jobs pay well compared to onsite jobs as a Nigerian.” Amosu added.