Yobe: It’s Time To Invest In Media

Mai Mala Buni, Governor of Yobe state

I write this letter with deep concern regarding the current state of media platforms in Yobe State. In an era abundant with technological advancements, it is disheartening to observe the inadequacy of effective communication channels that connect the residents of Yobe.

Despite the presence of media outlets like the Yobe Broadcasting Corporation (YBC) and NTA, the reach of these government platforms seems constrained, leaving a significant portion of the populace uninformed about the affairs of the state.

This communication gap hampers the fundamental exchange of information between the government and its citizens.

In the 21st Century, where information is a key driver of development, it is imperative for the Ministry of Information in the state to harness modern technologies and expand the reach of media platforms.

This would not only bridge the existing gap but also empower the residents with timely and relevant information.

Enhancing the accessibility of government initiatives, policies and events through widely accessible media channels can foster transparency, accountability, and civic engagement. It is an opportunity to build a more informed citizenry that actively participates in the state’s development process.

I urge the Ministry of Information to embark on a comprehensive review and upgrade of its media platforms, ensuring they align with contemporary communication standards. By doing so, Yobe can create a more connected and informed society that contributes to the growth and progress of the State.

Kasim Isa Muhammad wrote from Potiskum, Yobe State.