Youths Accuse Taraba Senator Of Neglect Amid Bandit Attacks

Two Taraba State community-based associations, Concerned Mumuye Citizens and Mumuye Social Cultural Association, have accused the senator representing Taraba North, Shuaibu Lau, of neglect amid bandit attacks in the area.

The groups, predominantly located in Jalingo, Yoro and Zing local government areas, voiced their grievances during a press conference held at Mumuye House in Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State.

They highlighted that over 40 villages in the area have been subjected to bandit attacks, leading to the displacement of over 500 individuals, including women and children, with bandits seizing farmlands.

Led by Alison Lazar, the groups criticized Lau for what they described as his apparent lack of response to the plight of the affected communities, despite their overwhelming support for him during the 2023 general election.

Lazar recounted an incident where the chief of Pupule village attempted to contact the senator for assistance during an attack but received no response, emphasizing the senator’s alleged neglect of his constituents.

They also argued that the senator’s duty is to represent their interests at the National Assembly and advocate for assistance in addressing the ongoing security challenges and humanitarian crisis.

The groups, which alleged that the constituency has been neglected by the senator, urged Lau to fulfill his mandate and prioritize the needs of his constituents.

Responding to the accusations, the senator’s Special Assistant on Constituency Projects, Gidado Aminu, dismissed the claims as baseless.

He asserted that the senator maintains an open-door policy and welcomes any individual or group facing challenges to approach his office directly to address their concerns.

Aminu emphasized the senator’s commitment to serving all tribes and local government areas within his constituency, highlighting his inclusive approach in implementing development projects.

He urged the aggrieved groups to engage directly with the senator’s office to resolve their issues rather than resorting to press conferences.