Zulum Unveils Counterterrorism Curriculum For Islamic Schools In Borno

Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, has unveiled a unified curriculum for Islamic schools aimed at countering violent extremist ideologies and helping avert young people from being radicalised by terrorist groups.

At the event held at the council chamber of the Government House on Tuesday, Zulum said “Our Islamic schools have been operating without a unified curriculum for at least three to four decades and that is a matter of great concern to all of us. The so-called Boko Haram insurgency was started as a result of some misleading preaching, therefore it is imperative for us to devise a way to avert such in future.”

Zulum assured that his administration will ensure that all Islamic schools have strictly adhered to implementing their activities based on the new unified curriculum.

Governor Zulum emphasized the importance of teaching and preaching following the authentic content of the holy books.

He said “we are currently witnessing another development recently, we are concerned by the way some scholars preach. Therefore, the Government of Borno State will do everything possible to ensure that teaching and preaching comply with the proper content of the holy books.”

Zulum also noted that the new curriculum was prepared based on the policies of the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies which he said will qualify students from private Islamic schools to get admission to Universities and Colleges.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the Arabic and Tsangaya Education Board, Khalifah Sheikh Ali Abulfathi, said the curriculum which is based on the Maliki School of thought centred on the teaching of Arabic, Quran, Hadith, Tauhid and fiqh.

He added that the Board reviewed existing teaching methodologies and instructional materials used by the Islamiyya schools as part of efforts to give the knowledge and values needed.

Sheikh Ali Abulfathi called on parents and other stakeholders to support the new curriculum to ensure that every child has access to quality Islamic education.