Bauchi Governor Advocates ‘Japa Diplomacy’ for Nigeria’s Economy

The Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed, says instead of worrying about the continued exodus of medical doctors abroad, Nigeria can exploit the new trend, popularly called japa, to earn foreign currencies.

He said since Nigerian doctors are much valued abroad, the government should train more doctors and export them abroad to get “repatriation of money.”
Mohammed made the proposition on Tuesday in Abuja when he paid a courtesy visit to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund.

According to a statement on Wednesday by TETFund, the Bauchi governor visited to solicit financial support for his state-owned College of Education, Technical, newly established by the government.

Mohammed said, “Go by what they want and produce more (doctors) and be exporting and getting repatriation of money coming back not only to Bauchi, but to other states. That’s why we’re repositioning our schools for nursing health technology and university to produce more doctors since we are found to be competent.

“I think we should not be crying over spilled milk. The more they need, the more we should produce for our national need and their need and we need your (TETFund) support in that as well.”