Meet Wallamu Major Tippi: A Young Graduate Selling Mangoes In Taraba

Wallamu Major Tippi, a remarkable young lady in Taraba State, has captured hearts with her entrepreneurial spirit as she sells mangoes to make a living.

Despite holding a degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from Taraba State University and completing her NYSC, Wallamu chose to engage in business rather than remain idle or resort to negative activities.

In a message she shared, Wallamu expressed her determination to start her own business, inviting people to support her by purchasing mangoes from her stall located in Lankaviri. Her decision to pursue entrepreneurship showcases her resilience and drive to create a sustainable income for herself.

She wrote:

“I do start business ma people
Come and buy from me please  location Lankaviri”

By showcasing initiative and hard work, Wallamu Major Tippi exemplifies the strength and determination of young individuals striving to make a positive impact in their communities.