Gov. Bala Vows To Promote Quranic Teaching, Congratulates Competition Winners

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, has reiterated his administration’s commitment to inspiring future generations to delve deeper into the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Governor Bala emphasized the importance of enrolling children in both Western and Islamic schools to nurture a passion for the Quran among the leaders of tomorrow.

During a meeting with the Bauchi State Quranic Competition Committee on tuesday, Governor Bala congratulated the winners of the recent competition, including Hafeez Ibrahim Muhammad Naseer, Al-hafeeza Aisha, Ammar Muhammad Mansur, and Usman Abubakar Usman for their outstanding performances across various categories.

He highlighted the significance of youth and women pursuing knowledge, praising the winners for elevating the prestige of Bauchi State nationally and internationally.

Governor Bala expressed his admiration for the winners’ achievements and announced a scholarship on behalf of the state government to support their educational pursuits and inspire future generations.

He called for continued support to promote peace and prosperity in the state through initiatives like Quranic teachings.

In response, Hon. Commissioner for Religious Affairs Yakubu Ibrahim Hamza and Chairman of the Quranic Competition Committee Bauchi State Chapter, Sheikh Zango, lauded Governor Bala’s support and commitment to the success of the program at various levels.

Their remarks highlighted the positive impact of promoting Quranic education and the importance of continued government support for such initiatives.