Retired General Faransa Leads Advocacy for Peace and Mining Suspension Compliance in Karim Lamido

In a bid to enforce Executive Order number three and five, Retired General Jeremiah Aliyu Faransa and his Special Taskforce Committee Members embarked on an advocacy visit to Karim Lamido Local Government Council. During the visit, they emphasized the imperative for peace among residents, urging compliance with the suspension of mining activities in the state.

General Faransa, speaking on behalf of the committee, stressed the adverse effects of illegal mining and the need for internal control mechanisms. He called upon local authorities to establish security committees to curb illegal mining.

The Chairman of Karim Lamido Local Government, represented by Vice Chairman Isa Musa, welcomed the committee’s visit and pledged full adherence to Governor Agbu Kefas’s directive on mining suspension, praising the governor’s people-oriented policies.

Additionally, the committee members met with Chief Yakubu Haruna Kirim, urging him to foster unity among factions in the area. They highlighted the paramount importance of peace for societal development.

Chief Yakubu Haruna Kirim assured the committee of his commitment to fostering unity and abiding by the governor’s directives. He expressed gratitude to Governor Agbu Kefas for appointing General Faransa, believing his leadership would yield positive results.

The Chief prayed for Governor Agbu Kefas’s success, acknowledging the potential impact of General Faransa’s efforts in the area.