YSCHMA Commends Buni For Enrolling 1,403 Vigilantes Into Informal Healthcare Sector

Yobe State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (YSCHMA) expresses gratitude for the visionary initiative taken by the Yobe State Government, led by Hon Mai Mala Buni, in enrolling 1,403 vigilantes into the state’s Contributory Healthcare informal sector program.

In a statement released by Dr. Babagana Tijjani, the Executive Secretary of YSCHMA, the agency acknowledges the Yobe State Government’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of its citizens. The move to include vigilantes in the contributory healthcare scheme aims to provide them with accessible and quality healthcare services, eliminating financial barriers.

Highlighting the indispensable role of vigilantes in ensuring community security, the initiative seeks to replace traditional out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, demonstrating the state’s recognition and appreciation for the vigilantes’ dedication and bravery.

The YSCHMA encourages collaboration with private organizations, urging business groups, NGOs, philanthropists, and other stakeholders to join hands in supporting this noble endeavor. The goal is to strengthen collective efforts towards achieving Universal Health Coverage in Yobe State by 2030.

Dr. Baba Gana Tijjani, the Executive Secretary, emphasizes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, underscoring the importance of leaving no one behind in the pursuit of accessible and affordable healthcare for all residents of the state.

This initiative not only reflects the Yobe State Government’s gratitude for the vigilantes’ crucial role but also reaffirms its commitment to building a healthier and more prosperous future for the people of Yobe State, aligned with the vision of realizing Universal Health Coverage in the state.